Turned and milled parts


An important factor is the specific nature of the materials used. The characteristics of failure safety and a long service life are hygienic requirements, which must be taken into account when producing even the smallest components. We are now producing surgical probes for the European and especially the American market, mainly made of V4A stainless steel. Accuracy in μ-range and constant quality control allow us to be successful as a supplier for endoscopic surgery and plasma welding. Individual components manufactured by us are also used in electromedical stimulators.


Jewelry industry

In addition to the production of prototypes and small series for jewelery and watches, we offer our customers the special possibility of design in the CAD system. Through the insertion of natural and industrial shape diamonds (PKD), a polishable surface is formed. Molded parts can be machined in pneumatic chucks.


Machinery and plant construction

The processing of many different materials with complex shapes begins with the use of targeted programming systems. Thus, a higher saving potential is achieved in the production. The necessary surface finishes, especially in mechanical engineering, can be measured and documented. High-performance grinding and drilling spindles, components for pneumatic clamping chucks and air supply pipes, whose clamping accuracy is less than 0.003 mm, are subject to a permanent quality inspection.


Automotive Industry

We have met the requirements in modern automotive engineering. At the absolute end-of-term of all individual call-offs, we can guarantee the same quality for all deliveries "Kanban System". The award "A-supplier" is constantly being achieved.


Solid carbide tools

Special tools can be produced from 1 to 100 or more on an 11-axis special-purpose grinding machine. We use only the finest grinding granules, which guarantees the highest service life as well as our finest grain for the manufactured hard metal tools. We produce step drills, gun drills and thread whirling machines from M 0.8 onwards for us and our customers.

Your orders for special tools will be delivered in 48 hours, if you wish.